"Homelessness is sometimes not as bad as everyone thinks. It's hard in winter, but otherwise..." says 21-year-old Jenni, shrugging her shoulders as she makes her way to Nuremberg's main train station. She has been living on Nuremberg's streets for almost three years. "You have more freedom, you can just live in the day. That's pretty cool." And yet Jennifer visits the "Back In Future" every day in order to be able to eat a full meal at least once a day.

The five minute short version in black and white was re-edited to fit the application rules for Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
Directors: Kevin Koch, Franziska Kirchner
Cinematographer: Kevin Koch
Editor: Kevin Koch
Composer: Jonas Hipper
Producer: Kevin Koch
Production: Koch Films GbR, Medienwissenschaft Universität Bayreuth

40. Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2018